hectares of cultivated area are treated with Zerebra Agro

regions of the Russian Federation use Zerebra Agro

countries use Zerebra Agro

scientific institutions guarantee the efficacy of Zerebra Agro

Zerebra Agro

  • Jointly created innovative product of Lomonosov Moscow State University`s Chemistry Department specialists and Group of companies “AgroKhimProm”.
  • The technology is protected by the patent.
  • The product is produced in Russia.
  • The unique active substance – colloidal silver, has been registered as an element of a plant protection product for the first time in the worldwide practice.
  • The multipurpose preparation that can be incorporated into any plant protective system or plant nutrition system.
  • Low-cost application rate per hectare.
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology due to the minimal fungicide application rate.

Direction of action

Enhancement of seed vigor and seed germination. Uniformity of seedlings.

  • seed germination increase of 1-2 days
  • seedlings appear simultaneously
  • secondary root system develops intensively
  • leaves develop more intensively
  • no difference in plant height

Activation of a strong root system development

  • length of roots increases
  • additional roots form intensively
  • roots become thicker
  • secondary root system develops intensively
  • absorption capacity of roots increases

Plant disease prevention

  • effective inhibition of fungi and bacteria development
  • decrease in seed and plant diseases
  • the rate of consumption of chemical fungicides reduces to the minimum, which is recommended in the regulations, at the same time the inhibition of harmful objects is like the inhibition after application of the maximal recommended rate

Zerebra Agro application efficacy on the main winter wheat diseases

Zerebra Agro application efficacy on the main sunflower diseases

Zerebra Agro application efficacy on the main potato diseases

Zerebra Agro application efficacy on the main sugar beet diseases

Zerebra Agro application significantly reduces the fungicide treatment expenses

Fungicide treatment expenses related to fungicide treatment of the main agricultural crops*

Strengthening of the plant immune system

  • formation of the resistance to pathogenic microflora
  • decrease in the damage caused by diseases

Increased resistance to stress factors

  • frost, drought, high temperature
  • antidotal effect: reduction of the toxic effect of pesticides on a cultivated plant (fungicide load decreases, retardant effect reduces)

Productive growth and development of plants

  • enhancement of seed vigor and seed germination
  • increased vegetative mass
  • enlarged assimilative leaf surface
  • increased photosynthetic leaf activity
  • dynamic branching and tillering processes

Product Overview

Active substance: colloidal silver 500 mg / L + polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride 100 mg / L

Formulation: Water solution.

Use: For seed treatment and application in vegetation period on agricultural crops from 1 to 3 times. Effect on crop rotation: does not affect the variation in crop rotation.


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