Preparation history

4000 years B.C.

Silver utensils
for water storage
XVII century

Silver salts.
Silver nitrate
XX century

Colloidal silver (a suspension of silver nanoparticles)
XXI century

The best composition of efficiency and prolonged effect

Zerebra Agro preparation history

In June, 2014 in Moscow there was a significant for the global applied science event: the Russian Ministry of Agriculture issued a registration certificate for the first pesticide in the world, which has silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver) as the active ingredients. This pesticide was Zerebra Agro, a plant growth stimulator. Thus, the Russian Federation became the first country in the world, in which the expert community at the state level officially recognized the application of plant protection products on the basis of colloidal silver as an effective, safe and appropriate method, considering the fact of the wide-spreading epiphytotic diseases of plants caused by plant pathogens with multiple resistance to organic pesticides.
In 2008, the young scientists, being the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University graduates, got the idea of creating the preparation based on colloidal silver particles chemically modified with biologically active cationic polymer – polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride. Indeed, colloidal silver and polymeric guanidines for a long time have been well known as the effective and safe for humans and animals microbicidal agents. So it seemed to be very interesting to develop a compound preparation, which would combine the useful properties of individual but at the same time mutually reinforcing components.

This idea has been successfully implemented by the team of the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University specialists and the stuff of the international company Grand Harvest Research International Development Ltd. After five years of screening researches in order to select an optimal and affective combination of active substances, the team has developed Zerebra Agro, an effective plant growth regulator. Also they have conducted toxicological, ecotoxicological, laboratory, plot and field tests for Zerebra Agro registration on most agriculturally important crops.

The registration tests were carried out on the basis and with the help of more than 20 leading scientific and educational institutions of Russia under the auspices of SSI Russian Research Institute of Agrochemistry by D.N.Pryanishnikov and MSU by M.V. Lomonosov. Based on the conclusions of the accredited expert committee, it was decided to issue the registration certificate and permit the legal trade of Zerebra Agro growth stimulator on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Bacterial properties of silver have been known since ancient times. Man uses silver as a natural biocide for over a hundred years. But there is one problem with the use of this metal: the silver in nature is not stable and that’s why its stable formulations have not been obtained. The composition of Zerebra Agro, thanks to modern technologies, implements a stable activity of silver. The silver colloids namely kill bacterial and fungal infections by blocking its breathing and eating and also transportation of metabolites across the cell wall, causing irreversible structural damage of pathogenic cells at the level of the cytoplasmic membrane and cytoplasm of nucleotides.

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