Effect of Zerebra Agro

Mechanism of antibacterial and fungicidal action


Preparation Zerebra Agro contains silver nanoparticles, which can be fixed and held on the cell walls of phytopathogenic microorganisms. The silver nanoparticles are oxidized and release silver ions, which disrupt the normal operation of membrane proteins, especially transport proteins, that leads to death of pathogen cells. The gradual oxidation of silver nanoparticles provides prolonged action of the preparation.


Colloidal silver has elicitor properties, which are typical of immunizing fungicides. It improves the metabolism and enhances the concentration of reactive oxygen species in plant tissues. Reactive oxygen species are one of the main factors of plant innate immunity. ROS reduce the chance of infection and inhibit the development of pathogens.

Most pathogenic microorganisms are not able to resist such complex effect of colloidal silver. Zerebra Agro protects plants from many bacterial and fungal diseases when the disease development is moderate. In case of severe diseases, including epiphytotic, Zerebra® Agro joint application with fungicides significantly increases fungicidal effect.

Mechanism of plant growth stimulation and phytoimmunity strengthening


Colloidal silver reduces plant sensitivity to ethylene, a hormone of aging, by inhibiting the ethylene receptor, thus preventing premature aging of the plants and improves productivity.


Colloidal silver increases the concentration of endogenous auxin, a growth hormone, in plant tissues by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the oxidation of auxin. This effect leads to formation of strong root system and increase in plant growth and development.

The effect of silver on the plant enzyme system, balance of plant hormones and phytoimmunity is similar for the most of higher plants, that is why preparation Zerebra Agro is suitable for the cultivation of a wide range of crops.


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