Federal State Budget Institution “Rosselhoztsentr”, Subdivision in Saratov region
Russia, Saratov region

Jakushev B.S.
The main plant protection agro-specialist

Crop: potato, sort “Udacha”

Zerebra Agro preparation has showed high efficacy in reducing the incidence of
potato Phytophthora. Application on potato plants of sort “Udacha” in the
budding phase has revealed biological productivity: in control – 29.7 t/ha;
economic yield on plots of 1 ha in multiple replicates – 39.7 t/ha; yield increase of
10 t/ha. After application of the preparation in private farms absolutely no
damage caused by Phytophthora and Macrosporiosis was observed. After
application of the preparation in the recommended doses on apple-trees of sort
“Berkutovskoie” no fruit scab or fruit rot was observed.

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Research Institute of vegetable physiology of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of
Republic of Tajikistan, Varzob district

Karimov B.
Senior scientific researcher

Crop: grape

Observations indicate that Zerebra Agro preparation has a very large impact on
the growth and development of vineyard, as a result we expect an increase of
productivity. Harvesting has not started yet, but the bunches of grapes are large
and their quality is much better than in the control variant.
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“Ruskom-Agro” LLC
Russia, Omsk region

Goman V.I.
The general director
Deryuga V.N.
The chief of plant growing department

Crop: spring wheat, sort “Omskaja 35”

During the growing season we saw the visual effect of Zerebra Agro
preparation. The yield of the control variant was 14.2 hwt/ ha and of the variant
treated with Zerebra Agro – 16.9 hwt/ ha. The yield increase was 19%.
Application of Zerebra Agro enables to obtain reliable yield increase of spring
wheat. We were very satisfied with Zerebra Agro results.
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Sukhomlinova O.V., individual entrepreneur, private farmer
Russia, Rostov region

Sukhomlinova O.V.
Kudinov I.V.
The agro-specialist

Crop: winter wheat

After application of Zerebra Agro the yield of the test area was 42 hwt/ ha, the
yield of the control area was 39.1 hwt/ ha.
As a result, the test area was on 2.9 hwt/ ha more fertile than the control area
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