Recommended application scheme

  1. Soaking of seeds in 1% solution 100-200 ml / t
  2. Spraying in the phase of 2-6 permanent leaves 100-200 ml / ha
  3. Spraying in 10-15 days after the first spraying 100-200 ml / ha

Application results

  • enhancement of seed vigor and seed germination;
  • seedlings appear earlier and simultaneously;
  • increase in length and weight of roots;
  • more active growth of biomass;
  • decrease in the damage caused by diseases;
  • increase in the resistance to stress factors (drought);
  • enlarged weight of bulbs;
  • increased volume of the marketable product.

Zerebra Agro application on onion

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Republic of Kazakhstan, «Alyans» Farm, yield increase 21.9%
Name of company “Alyans” Farm
Region Republic of Kazakhstan
District Pavlodarskaya
Sort/hybrid Sangro
Test scheme 2 applications in the period of vegetation
Year 2016
Type of test Field test

Yield, cwt/ha

ControlZerebra Agro



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