Recommended application scheme

  1. Spraying before the flowering stage 200 ml / ha
  2. Spraying in 15-25 days after the first treatment 200 ml / ha
  3. Spraying in 15-20 days after the second treatment 200 ml / ha

Application results

  • increased vine weight and biomass;
  • increase in amount of productive grape ovaries and amount of berries in bunch;
  • decrease in the damage caused by diseases;
  • increase in the resistance of plants to stress factors (drought);
  • increased weight of grape berries.

Zerebra Agro application on grape

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Krasnodar region, Russian Research Institute of Agrochemistry by D.N. Pryanishnikov, yield increase 25.4%
Name of company Russian Research Institute of Agrochemistry by D.N. Pryanishnikov
Region Krasnodar region
District Prikubansky
Sort/hybrid Dmitriy
Test scheme 2 applications in the period of vegetation
Application/Crop’s growing stage 1st – flowering stage, 2nd – in 15-25 days after the first spraying
Year 2013
Type of test Scientific and field tests

Yield, cwt/ha

ControlZerebra Agro



Average mass of a bunch, g

ControlZerebra Agro

Sugar content ,%

ControlZerebra Agro



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